Access Control Systems

Omega Security’s team of design professionals is trained to create customized solutions based on our clients’ business requirements.

We take a holistic approach with electronic access control systems. We go beyond simply locking and unlocking doors.

If you have multiple site locations and would like to manage them under one umbrella, we can install a customized web-based enterprise-wide access control solution. If you have a small to mid-sized single location business, we can implement a PC-based access control solution. No matter what the size or structure of your business, Omega will create a comprehensive, customized solution for you.

Omega Security Services offers its clients more than just a way to lock and unlock doors; we install an electronic access control system that will allow you administer, monitor, and manage your company’s security and employees. Omega provides comprehensive software management tools and systems integration to provide an efficient, productive and safe work environment.

Electronic Access Control is no longer just about security; it has become equally as important to your bottom line. Omega’s electronic access control systems will keep confidential information inside and dangerous threats outside of your business.

Electronic Access Control Benefits

      • Provide a safe work environment
      • Restrict access to select personnel
      • Monitor and record employee time and attendance
      • Track and record access throughout your organization
      • Save money on creating new keys with tenant or employee turnover
      • Remotely administer and electronically control access to multiple facilities through a single interface