IP Video Surveillance Systems

When you are ready to install a video surveillance system for your business or home you can rest assured that you will feel a whole lot safer.

If you want to prevent unnecessary loss, effectively manage emergency situations, and monitor your property or business remotely, a digital video surveillance system is the right solution for you. Omega Security’s consultative approach can help you choose from a range of products to help you create a customized solution that fits your specific needs.

Our video surveillance systems can record up to several months of video footage. Recordings can be activated by time schedule, alarm activation or smart motion detection. The digital system allows the user to instantly retrieve relevant data without any recording interruption. There is no need for screening through hours of video tape to find a single frame of video. Data is stored digitally and can be searched by time, date, camera, motion and more. Sharp, crisp videos can be viewed over and over again without image deterioration. Our video surveillance systems also allow for remote access through an IP address. Any authorized person, through a secure internet connection, can access and monitor the surveillance system from anywhere in the world!

Even though the technology is sophisticated, the systems themselves are easy to use and provide our clients with a cost-effective, state-of-the-art solution which allows them to:

    • Monitor employees
    • Keep track of productivity
    • Promote employee safety
    • Prevent fraud and theft
    • Deter intruders
    • Document customer visits
    • Convict criminals in court

At Omega Security we offer a wide range of surveillance products from all major and specialty manufacturers.

All equipment we use in our installations is chosen based on the client’s needs and requirements and only the highest quality and the most advanced subsystems are used.

Video Security Cameras
Omega Security carries a full line of surveillance cameras, including all types of lens sizes and a full range of resolution. You have the option for low-illumination, infrared, megapixel, IP, and wide angle capabilities with all of our cameras. We also offer dome, full-body, bullet, and pan-tilt-zoom cameras to help meet your specific needs.

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)
Omega Security’s DVRs can support video surveillance systems ranging from 4 to 32 channels. Our DVR software provides clients with the ability to schedule specific recording times, activate motion sensor recordings, and perform video content analysis.

Network Video Recorders (NVRs)
Omega Security Systems offers a wide range of IP-based cameras and the network video recorders that support them. More and more businesses are moving toward this new technology in surveillance systems and an Omega Security representative would be happy to help you determine if this is the best solution for your business.

Remote Viewing
Omega Security Systems provides remote-viewing capabilities with every surveillance system. Authorized users can view their surveillance system from any location with internet access. Multi-level access can be granted and nobody can login to the system without authorization. The latest systems are compatible with PDA devices.